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ARES Engineering uses the team approach to each and every engineering program. Through
in-house capability and a select group of sub-contractors, ARES can provide all disciplines of Engineering. Our Engineering personnel work with our customers to give them exactly what they require.
5mm Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR0 utilizing cased Telescoped Ammunition
5mm Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR) Utilizing cased Telescoped Ammunition
A typical program starts with a concept prepared in response to
a set of requirements. Upon approval, the concept is finalized
into a detailed design. Supporting analyses are performed
as needed to insure the design meets the stated requirements.
ARES uses a combination of commercial and custom software in our analyses. Detail drawings
are prepared for manufacturing. A prototype is fabricated and tested. The design is further refined as necessary based on the development testing. ARES Manufacturing and Test Departments are involved in this process from the beginning to incorporate producibility and maintainability in the design
Gun Design
• 5mm Advanced Combat Rifle (ACR)
• 5.56mm Future Assault Rifle (FARC)
• 5.56mm Light Machine Gun (LMG)
• 7.62mm Externally Powered Machine Gun (EPG)
• 9mm Folding Machine Gun (FMG)
• Cal .50 Telescoped Ammunition Machine Gun
.. (TAMG)
• Cal .50 Telescoped Ammunition Revolver Gun
.. (TARG)
• Cal .50 Plastic Cased Telescoped Ammunition
.. (PCTA)
• 20mm Advanced Gun Technology (AGT) CTA Gun
• 20mm TALON Automatic Cannon
• 25mm AFTAG Cased Telescoped Ammunition (CTA) Gun
• 30mm COMVAT CTA Gun
• 35mm TALON Automatic Cannon
• 45mm COMVAT CTA Gun
• 75mm XM274 Automatic CTA Cannon
• 90mm Automatic CTA Cannon
• 105mm T54 Retrofit
• 105mm Low Reaction Recoil System (LRRM), Stryker
...MGS, Stingray
• 155mm Active Recoil Mechanism
Ammunition Feed Systems
• 20mm AGT Linkless Feed System
• 20mm TALON Indexing Drum
• 35mm TALON Indexing Drum
• 35mm CVAST Dual Feeders
• 75mm Feed Systems 3 to 27 round variations
• 105mm MGS Autoloader Handling System (AHS)
• 120mm ICAS Design
• ASM (45mm – 140mm) Autoloader Concepts
Systems / Turrets
MGS Recoil Model
MGS Recoil Model
LPT 8 Round Carousel for 105 mm Ammunition
LPT 8-Round Carousel for
105mm Ammunition
• ALAAV Remote Turret
• Eagle Air Defense System
• 35mm CVAST Cleft Turret
• 75mm LAV Unmanned Turret
ARES Engineered Advanced Concepts
MGS 10-Round Replenisher
MGS 10-Round Replenisher
• Hybrid Electromagnetic Gun
• Composite Unitary EMG Barrels
• Advanced Material Gun System
• Gun Barrel Thermal Modeling

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